Keep Your Copyright up to date with Laravel-Yearly

Robby Russell has already mentioned it in his blog post here.  How many times have you realized that your Copyright date/year on your website/app was no longer current?

How many of you have the same problem year after year?

How many of you constantly find yourself going to change it every year?

How many of you are always been reminded by your Boss or Manager that you need to change one very little stuff on a project you worked on 12 months ago?

Guys, Holup! Holup!. This is a very serious issue!!!

I have discovered that when working on projects, you are so focused on handling the big and difficult tasks that you forget to handle the little tasks.

There are many laravel packages out there that I consider and list in my composer.json file every time I start to build a new app in Laravel. I use these packages so that I can concentrate fully on the business logic of the app.

Introducing Laravel-yearly

laravel-yearly is a little nice package that I built to handle your copyrighting and keep it up to date.

Just add the following to any view from within Laravel

It provides a helper function and also a Facade that renders the current year and a range of years like so:


You can grab it on GitHub here

You can also grab it using Composer like so:

Robby would say: Do not forget the small stuff  because your visitors will notice!!!



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