Introducing Laravel Hackathon Starter Pack

Software Developers are unarguably one of the smartest beings in the world. A lot of thinking, analysis and calculations are done by this folks on a daily basis and in turn lots of applications ( mobile, web, command line) are developed that continously makes the world a better & fun place to live in.

Anyways, enough of the hype! Even though our profession is very young compared to other disciplines and profession, we’ve had already had tons of libraries, plugins, open source tools and languages that have eased the burden for not-so-smart peeps like me to develop a strong foot in the programming world. Developing apps currently for me is easier than when I developed apps 3 years ago because I have access to more tools. Guess what, these tools aren’t still enough, I need more!

The development timeframe can still be sliced and diced to half the time so I can focus on mainly thinking about ground-breaking ideas that haven’t been implemented before & work on that, for others, they can develop much more apps in a shorter time and make more money :smile: and even in hackathons, the ability to turn gold ideas into MVPs should happen in a flash. Yes, I particularly interested in Hackathons.

Long story short, I got down to work and I developed a Laravel Hackathon Starter Pack. This application serves as a boilerplate for developing web applications faster in Laravel and in Hackathons. It comes with these in-built features:

1. Traditional authentication with 6 Social media OAuth 2.0 logins

2. Mini-Account Management

3. Contact Form


4. 18 APIs integrated by default, no hassles.

Please check it out. I released it officially on Sunday, February 21 and within the space of 48 hours it had gotten over 350 stars on github and became a trending repo on github.


If you like it, please STAR it, SHARE it with your friends, USE it and CONTRIBUTE to it. I’m always open to PRs :smile:






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