Get Started with AdonisJS; An MVC framework for Node.js

Looking for a Node.js MVC framework that looks like Laravel (PHP framework), Django (a python framework ), is well structured and very easy to understand. Then I think you are looking for AdonisJS. In this tutorial, we will look at  the following: Installing  Node.js and NPM Installing AdonisJS CLI Creating a new project in AdonisJS Creating [...]

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Introducing Laravel Password v1.0

Software is eating the world. The internet has become a very wild planet that harbors almost everything. With more and more of our lives being spent online, the list of accounts, social networks, and online shops we protect using passwords has also grown. The plethora of accounts has forced lots of people to use weak passwords during account [...]


Creating your own RSpec Matchers.


Ruby on Steroids(DSLs): The Powerful Spell Called DSL


Ruby on Steroids: The Magic of MetaProgramming – Method Spells


Ruby on Steroids: The Magic of MetaProgramming – Fellowship of Spells


How to Delegate Like a Boss