Introducing Laravel Password v1.0

Software is eating the world. The internet has become a very wild planet that harbors almost everything. With more and more of our lives being spent online, the list of accounts, social networks, and online shops we protect using passwords has also grown.

The plethora of accounts has forced lots of people to use weak passwords during account registrations.

Mark Burnett, IT Security Analyst and  author of Perfect Passwords has compiled a database of 10,000 most common passwords collected from password sharing websites.

Passwords such as 12345, password, qwerty, iloveyou and welcome are in this list of very common passwords.

In lieu of this, Eugene Mutai, A Google Developer Expert and Software Developer at Andela created a dumb passwords npm module that validates a user’s password against the list of 10,000 common passwords.

Inspired by this module, I looked around the Laravel Community to discover if we have a similar tool. In the absence of that, I decided to create laravel-password.

laravel-password is package that extends the Laravel Validator and provides a unique custom validation rule called dumbpwd. Once the rule is added to your validation rules like so:

It validates the user’s password against the list of 10,000 common passwords within 3 seconds and returns a message like so:

screen shot 2016-07-02 at 2 12 14 pm

screen shot 2016-07-02 at 1 22 45 pm

The package offers the ability to customize the error message returned.

You can find the package here . If you love it, please STAR the repo :smile:

Check it out today and beef up security in your Laravel 5 apps. Please let me know if you have any observations or questions in the comment section below :smile:



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