Introducing Laravel Identify 1.0

Packages with simple or complex functionalities have made development easier.

Currently, you just have to think of your app’s business logic alone while leveraging the help of packages to take care of other functionalities.

Detecting the browser, device  and operating system that a user is using to surf your app can prove to be a pain in PHP. I was developing a Laravel app that needed these statistics to be able to perform specific operations, thus bringing about the idea of wrapping it up in a Laravel Package.

Just a little snippet:

The name of the package is Laravel Identify. There is a comprehensive documentation on the ReadMe to get you started.

It’s hosted on So you can pull it with composer like so:

I released it in the early hours of today.

Stay tuned and even watch the repo to be notified once there is a new release.

Please, STAR the repo if you like it :smile: If there are any issues or suggestion, let me know in the comments section or raise it as an issue on the GitHub repo.





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