Test Driven Laravel From Scratch

TDD is a very important part of the software development cycle.

Laravel 5 came with a lot of changes and part of those changes involved integrating Jeffery way’s testing integrated package into the Laravel Core which has made integration testing a bliss.

The fact still remains that there a lot of people that really don’t know how to go about testing in Laravel.

These questions are been asked daily:

1. Should I write the code first, then write tests?

2. Should I write test first, then later write the code to make such tests pass. ( This is the ideal gospel been preached), but remember there are no silver bullets. Do what is really essential and makes sense for the context you are building in.

My mentor, Adam Wathan, even though he doesn’t know he’s got a virtual hidden mentee somewhere came up with a very good video tutorial on how to practice TDD with Laravel from scratch.

The link to the blog post is here: Test Driven Laravel From Scratch.

He has also promised to deliver more videos on TDD with Laravel.

Let me know if you have any questions for him in the comments section.



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