Introducing Laravel-Emoji 1.0.0

Emoji has become a very important part of this dispensation. We find emojis everywhere these days. From BMM to Whatsapp to Gmail to Twitter and so many services, people have found it useful for expressions of various kinds.

As a developer, you might need to be able to display or manipulate emojis in any application you are working on.

PHP 5 actually supports unicode characters that could be translated into emojis but it requires more code like so:

PHP 7 came with a better support for unicode characters. Now, you can display an emoji like so:

I built laravel-emoji to make sure you have all of the emoji unicode characters in one place and you can get an emoji simply by calling its name or unicode character like so:

If you are building any Laravel 5 Application, you can pull in this package to help you out with anything emoji related.

The github repo is here and it has a very detailed ReadMe.

If you like it, Please STAR the repo :smile:

If you have any questions or observations, Please let me know in the comments section.



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