Introducing Laravel Mentions

One of my friends on facebook contacted me about the possibility of having a laravel package that can help implement facebook and Slack’s way of mentioning users.

Once a user uses the @ with some words, an autocomplete pops up with the list of potential users that might be referred to. On facebook and Slack, the other user actually gets a notification because he/she has been mentioned.

I built a package named laravel-mentions to make this functionality a breeze. You can head over to my GitHub repo. There is a comprehensive documentation on the ReadMe to get you started. :smile:

It’s also hosted on, So you can pull it with composer like so:

I built and released today. So currently, this package does not have the ability to send notification to the user when he/she is been mentioned, but I hope to implement that in subsequent releases.

Stay tuned and even watch the repo to be notified once there is a new release.




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