I welcome you to this year’s php[world] conference. The conference strive to create an amazing experience for the greater PHP community that brings together developers from Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Zend Framework, Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP and more.

A lot of very important personalities are present for the #PHPWorld Conference which started November 16 and it’s going to end November 20.

These are the amazing keynotes that have happened already. If you missed it, don’t worry…I’ll show you all of it.

Andrew Nacin – WordPress Lead Developer gave a talk on A Year in the U.S Digital Service

Tessa Mero – Joomla Core Contributor gave a talk on Leading An Open Source Project

Lorna Mitchell – Git Expert and Long time PHP Developer gave a talk on Growing Open Source Communities

Taylor Otwell – Creator of Laravel, Envoyer and Forge gave a talk on Laravel – Lessons Learned

Anthony Ferrara – Director of Engineering at Grovo and Security Expert gave a talk on PHP7 and Beyond: The Future of PHP

PHP[World] will end tomorrow. So much lessons to be learned, so much ideas to be implemented.

Note: Drupal 8 will be officially released today during the PHP[World] Conference. You can go celebrate at :smile:

Please if you have any comments or observations, let me know in the comments section below



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