How I learn and keep up with The Tech Times – Podcasts

The Software Industry is a fast growing sector and every night you go to bed, something new gets launched. Being a Software developer Engineer, you need to be in the know to stay relevant. Several sources I use to keep relevant include Blogs, Youtube Channels, books and my favourite – Podcasts. In this post, I will focus on the podcast resources I listen to weekly.

Podcast makes for easy listening while on my commute to any destination. On my way to work, back from work or going shopping. So below is a list of podcasts arranged in no order of importance.

  • This Week In Tech – This is like my Time Magazine for Tech. Really enlightening with a good sense of humour
  • This Week In Google – Everything about Google and other tech news happening during the week
  • PHP Town Hall – If you into PHP programming, then this is worth listening to. The podcast was quiet for a while but lately a few episodes have sprung up.
  • Laravel Podcast – Everything about Laravel with Taylor Otwell, Jeffery Way and Matt Stauffer. Useful for learning about PHP features or architectures.
  • Software Engineering Daily – I discovered this towards the end of last year. Lots of Software Engineering topics covered weekly. Every episode brings something new to the table. The host Jeff Meyerson is a really awesome guy.
  • The Changelog – Another awesome podcast. Covers way too many topics. You never be bored. Hosted by Adam Stacoviak.
  • /dev/hell/ – Lets say the metal rock intro jerks you for a bit but when that is done, good podcast with good developer humour if you into that.
  • Adventures in Angular – Everything there is to know about AngularJS. My interest in AngularJS has waned a bit. Until AngularJS 2 becomes stable and the community is riding that, I will continue to listen from a distance.
  • Three Devs and a Maybe – Another awesome podcast with three cool guys. Very friendly atmosphere and usually discusses everyday software development challenges and experiences.
  • – A monthly podcast on Scala programming. Really cool if you want to know more about Scala language development, events and library features.
  • .NET Rocks – Even if you not into Microsoft .NET programming, this is still a handy podcast to have by your side. It goes beyond just coding, you learn about new tools and you win prices too for asking questions.
  • GOTO Conference – A resourceful Youtube channel to keep up with Software Engineering as a discipline. Some topics leave you wondering why you sleep at night (You need to be inventing all the time).
  • Functional TV – Everything you need to know about functional programming. If you haven’t take a look at functional programming, I encourage you to. It opens your eyes to knew ways to view and reason about code.

When you in the zone and crunching those codes out, when you tired of listening to all the playlist on Spotify, a podcast always comes in handy.

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