Windows Users: Zsh To Glory Using Babun

Difficult times actually bring out the best in you. It forces you to think, invent and find solutions to your challenges.

I’m stuck on Windows currently because my MacBook was stolen last weekend. The transition back to Windows has really been depressing and I haven’t felt like coding or even writing blog posts.

Something amazing happened today. My colleague bought me a nice KFC chicken for dinner and while I was busy dissecting and chewing it, the inspiration came suddenly like a flash.

I began to search for good alternatives to all the awesome tools I used on my MacBook. That led me to this great tool named Babun that embodies several other tools.

Babun is a Linux Shell for Windows. It was built on top of Cygwin and it has two pre-installed shells: Bash and Zsh

Zsh is the default shell but you can easily switch to bash by just typing bash from the babun terminal.

It also comes bundled with Vim so you can edit files easily with color and syntax highlighting from within the terminal, git, svn, python, and Perl.

You can use pact( Babun’s In-Built Package Manager ) to install any package you want from cygwin like so:

Like I said earlier, It is a Linux shell so it features several Linux tools like curl, sed, tar etc


Download babun from the GitHub repository, extract and run the install.bat script.

The installation might take about 7 to 10 minutes, but it’s really worth it.

Keep Zshing!!!

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