Brace Up, PHP 7 is Changing The Game!!!

PHP  is a language that has attracted people from all walks of Life as a result of its simplicity and prowess in building applications rapidly. While this is a good thing, it has also attracted the Evil, Bad and Ugly that have consistently written poorly designed, not-maintainable,  and Class-less code coupled with lack of tests.

Developers from other community ( Ruby and Python ) have consistently booed this community, they pride in their repository of consistent APIs, availability of rockstar Frameworks, Speed of the Language, Incredible package managers,  Plethora of gems and packages and OOP Designs with a CGPA of 4.5.

In all sincerity, they have earned the bragging rights and I wouldn’t agree less because I have used these languages one way or the other in my career as a Software Engineer.

Have you thought for a moment about how PHP still remains ridiculously popular and widely used despite all the criticism it has accrued over the years?. Statistics and Survey show that a greater percentage of websites all over the world is powered by PHP. The likes of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla still remain very relevant today, they have changed the lives of Ordinary People, put food on the table for millions of individuals and made the web easily accessible even to Aliens of the nth Order!.

PHP gets Sh*t Done!!!. Have you heard the popular mantra about hiring Software Engineers that get Sh*t done? Many times, the investors, stakeholders and Project Managers don’t really care how it is done, as long as the product has an awesome frontend and Users consistently find themselves engaging with the product on a daily basis.

Note: I’m not a Fan of Poorly Designed Backend, Definitely Not!. In short every day, I hold my teams and the Software Engineers I train to a very high standard of writing Top Notch Code.

HHVM ( Facebook’s Improved PHP Version) is very fast and also making waves in the app development world.

Several Frameworks have emerged in the PHP World over time. The likes of Magento, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Yii and Laravel have made enormous impact  and I most confess that Laravel is taking over the World even much faster than Pinky and The Brain. The community built around Laravel is so huge that apart from the forums and developers hacking daily on the framework, we have sites like ( Deals mainly with teaching developers everything about Laravel), (Daily tips on Laravel), Online Map of Laravel Developers around the World ),, ( Well-expressed and Elegant Documentation ) and several others on the list. This is Laravel’s third year and Laracon( Laravel Conference ) is already pulling a weight of about 500 to 600 Developers at the Event!

I might sound like an Evangelist or even an Apostle of Laravel but don’t be deceived, I’m just a mere mortal developer fascinated by Clean Code, Empathy, Slick Design Patterns and the Buzzing Community around a Product.

Dmitry Sogov – Chief Performance Engineer at Zend Technologies and PHP 7 Lead Developer talked about the goodness of PHP 7 recently. Applications developed with PHP 7 would be faster, more powerful and have compact data structures. PHP 7 would bring onboard the following:

1. Spaceship A.K.A Combined Comparison Operator

2. Scalar Type Declarations

3. Return Type Declarations

4. Anonymous Classes

5. Throwable Interfaces

6. Integer Semantics

7. Generator Return Expressions and Delegation

8. Group Use Declarations

9. Unicode Codepoint Escape Syntax

and many more PHP specifics. Check here for verbose details on the points mentioned above.

I was particularly tripped over by the speed of PHP 7. The first release candidate is out already, Stable release would be announced later this year.

PHP 7 is now 14 times faster than PHP 5.0. Wow!!!, It was benchmarked against other languages, check out this results: Here, PHP has left Python and Ruby far behind..Oops!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.51.22 AM

Benchmark in secs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.52.35 AM


Obviously, Speed is the most important thing to Web apps and apps in general. This means 100 percent plus performance improvements in Web Applications built with PHP.

As Usual, there is no shortage of Drama in the Dev World. PHP 7 Revolution will be spilling some blood this year, So Brace Up!!!.





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